Musicians Choice – 3400 Point Source

3400 Musicians Choice.jpg

This provide for a good start kit for small Applications. This setup use a 12 inch woofer at 400W Program power and 1 inch high frequency driver at 300W Program power mounted in a 11.5 by 11.5 horn using a crossover point at 800 Hz. This provides 1700 of power per side and will provide 90dB at 90 feet with half of the power available. These self-powered cabinet are equipmented with DSP830 2-way plate amplifiers that will provide 300 + 800W @ 4 Ohms for the FOH speaker and a DSP 1300 subwoofer amplifier that will provide 2000W @ 4 Ohms. Each amplifier is provided with DSP features that includes phase, delay, PEQ and Noise Gate on the inputs section and phase, delay, PEQ, crossover filters, compressor and limiter on the output section

4200 Line Array

4200 Line Array.jpg

4200 Point Source

4200 Point Source.jpg

4800 Line Array

4800 Line Array.jpg

6200 Point Source

6200 Point Source.jpg

6800 Point Source

6800 Point Source.jpg

8200 Point Source

8200 Point Source.jpg

8400 PS / LA8400 Point Source or Line Array.jpg9600 Line Array

9600 Line Array.jpg

Cardioid Subwoofers

Cardioid Subwoofers.jpg

13600 Line Array13600 Line Array.jpg


18200 Stage Rig

9600 Stage Rig.jpg






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